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Natural Ways to Keep Common Household Spiders Out


Being a mom, you can expect to be called to the kids room for the most trivial and not-so-trivial issues. Regardless of how long you have had the title of a parent, you can never prepare yourself for the different sights that could be waiting for you. You can either enter to a scene of […]


Things To Consider When Applying Immunity Blend To Children


Essential oils are a fairly new field, and many people (including myself) have a lot of questions on the best, safest ways to use these oils to benefit our health, especially when it comes to our children. For myself, I use the roll-on bottle regularly, but I wasn’t sure for my children how to use […]


5 Healthy Herbs You Can Find In Your Own Backyard!


I have always had a green thumb. I love gardens so much that I even made my husband promise we’d have one by making sure it was in his wedding vows, and he did! Thankfully, my kids also inherited some of my gardening genes. They are as crazy as I am about gardening, making it […]


Public School Or Home School?


Every few days, I find myself having this discussion with some other mom in the park and wonder, “How can a parent really know that the decision they have made, either sending their kids to public school or homeschooling them, is the right one?” How can we be certain that choosing one in favor of […]


Natural Ways to Help Children With Croup


Many parents my consider this to be their worst nightmare! It’s bad enough to see your child sick, but when they get that hacking cough, it’s terrifying. Children 8 and under, with underdeveloped immune systems, have a particular vulnerability. As a parent, it can be hard to stay prepared and note any symptoms of a […]


4 Ways to Teach Your Kids to Share and Give


Sharing with others is one of those practices kids need to learn at an early age because it teaches them humility. It also breeds in them the ability to love others and to treat them with respect and love. I still remember when I gave my children this valuable talk; it became a fun game […]


Teaching Kids to Love Nature


The days of playgrounds, family walks, exploring outside, going to the park and pick up sports are giving way to children playing indoors. And, by playing, I of course mean staring at a screen. Now, I realize it’s a lot easier, it really is! Handing your child a phone or tablet is way easier than […]


Using Reflexology With Essential Oils


Essential oils are highly beneficial. Not just for health, but beauty, cleaning, etc. They have become very popular over the last several years! While people use these oils in a lot of ways to improve health and wellness, they have shown great results when used with Reflexology. What Is Reflexology? Reflexology is an old technique […]


Keep Your Romance Alive!


Many people worship the couples in movies and tv shows and those perfectly depicted in novels, but reality is a little bit different. Demands of everyday life, such as work, taking care of the household and raising children, need time and effort, and all this takes a toll on the romantic aspect of your relationship. […]


Spirituality Around the World


Spirituality is seeing the world through a different lens by cultivating your mind, body, energy, and emotions and taking them to a higher level of maturity. It is basically the goal to understand life and this world on a much deeper level. The spiritual journey starts when one tries to find answers to the questions […]


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I'm Anna, I blog about natural organic health

I'm Anna, I blog about natural organic health

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I'm Anna, I blog about natural organic health

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