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Prescriptions and Painkillers Had Me Trapped, Until I Found This Solution


Fentanyl. Oxycodone. Vicodin. Percocet. These are some of the words that get thrown around when I hear people talk about the Opioid and Prescription Crisis, sound familiar? I’ve seen everything from highway billboards to the Attorney General speak about the crisis at this point. Some prescription stories sound familiar…some not so much. Then again I […]


5 Tips for a Healthier Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s day is right around the corner! In the past I’ve been content to gorge myself on rich foods and chocolates with people I love, but this year I’ve been looking for ways to lighten up my celebrations. Here are a few tips to keep things a little healthier: Take a walk with someone you […]


4 Things To Keep Your Family Safe for 2018’s Brutal Flu Season


[os_exit_pop] Every time I turn on the evening news lately I hear about how serious this flu season has been. And they’re not kidding! It breaks my heart that it has now taken 30 kids from us, and that’s straight from the CDC this winter. This year’s virus is called H3N2 and is particularly tough […]


Shutdown Averted, But How Did it Affect Your Family & this Deadly Flu Season?


[os_exit_pop] It happened. At Midnight, on January 20, 2018, our federal government shutdown because they couldn’t agree on funding. 4 weeks later? Washington finally did what all husband’s must do…compromise! With a lot of dollars moved around, the shutdown is over – but it begs the question, what did the month of shutdown mean? It […]


Not Sure About CBD? I Choose Natural and Legal


[os_exit_pop] Recently, CBD has exploded onto the scene in the essential oil community for pain management.  I think the most common question I get is, “Anna, what is CBD? And is it legal to purchase?”.  This article will help clear the air and help you make an educated decision. For those who need a refresher, […]


Do pets and essential oils mix? Read This!


[os_exit_pop] What a week it has been! I think at this point we’ve all seen Sue Murray’s post go viral with over 700,000 shares. I’m writing because I wanted to share some lessons from her experience with you. But first, for those of you haven’t heard let me catch you up to speed… Sue, new […]


I Never Worried About a Good Night’s Sleep After I Discovered This!


I didn’t always have trouble sleeping. When I was younger, I slept like a log 💤💤. I could sleep on a bad mattress, snooze through noisy roommates, I had even been accused of snoring during a movie with things blowing up left and right. It just wasn’t an issue for me. And then in my […]


How I Discovered That Just A Few Drops Can Relieve Pain For The Whole Family


Tell me if you’ve you ever had one of these days? It’s Tuesday morning, but I woke up with my body feeling like it was Friday because Monday seemed to last for a full 96 hours. I got the kids out the door to school like usual and was lucky enough to avoid missing the […]


How a Few Drops Changed My Whole Life!


If you’ve got kids or relatives in school you might get the same reoccurring nightmare that I get. I cringe thinking of when my family gets its first running nose because I know it could be the beginning of ‘flu season’. And what does that mean? That means coughing, sneezing, restless nights, missed school…the list […]


Public School Or Home School?


Every few days, I find myself having this discussion with some other mom in the park and wonder, “How can a parent really know that the decision they have made, either sending their kids to public school or homeschooling them, is the right one?” How can we be certain that choosing one in favor of […]


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I'm Anna, I blog about natural organic health

I'm Anna, I blog about natural organic health

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I'm Anna, I blog about natural organic health

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