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I Never Worried About a Good Night’s Sleep After I Discovered This!


You know that feeling of anxiety you get when you just know you aren’t going to get a good nights sleep and how that anxiety makes it even worse to fall asleep? I found the natural solution to getting more natural sleep without the meds AND looking years younger at the same time! I’ll tell […]


How I Discovered That Just A Few Drops Can Relieve Pain For The Whole Family


Tell me if you’ve you ever had one of these days? It’s Tuesday morning, but I woke up with my body feeling like it was Friday because Monday seemed to last for a full 96 hours. I got the kids out the door to school like usual and was lucky enough to avoid missing the […]


The Best Carrier Oils for Diluting Essential Oils


Essential oils are one of the nature’s best creations for our general well-being. The benefits of essential oils are far and wide and one of the best go-to solutions for mothers who are faced with a different dilemma every day. However, essential oils are strong in their properties and they cannot be applied topically without […]


Tea Tree Oil & Its Uses


Tea Tree Oil comes from the Melaleuca tree, which is a plant native to Australia. It contains antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, making it a great tool in combating several diseases caused by viruses, fungi and bacteria. This oil is especially helpful when it comes to your children 🙂 Bad Breath Tea tree Oil is antiseptic […]


How a Few Drops Changed My Whole Life!


Not long ago, I was up to my neck in hefty medical bills, sick kids missing school, and wasted days feeling sick and cruddy. I’m not the type of mom who races her kids to the doctor, but on several occasions that’s what we had to do with sick kids who were not getting better. […]


Tips For Maximum Benefit When Drinking Water


What better healer is there than water? Some might even say that it is one of the best medicines that nature has given us. As is known, health is much more dependent on our habits than on medicine, so why not pick up some of the best water drinking habits and pass it on to […]


Asthma And Essential Oils


Asthma is a tricky thing. It comes at any and every time, causing inflammation in the lungs, making it difficult to breath. At moments like this, having essential oils on hand can be very beneficial. While there are many medications and instruments that help manage asthma attacks, people need something which can lower the attack […]


Health & Wellness Tips For Fighting Back This Flu Season


Each year, as I send the kids off to school and we fall back into our routines for the next nine months, I find that there’s one part of our routine I really want to get rid of. It’s what I call ‘sick season.’ It seems to happen in a vicious cycle as the kids […]


Delicious (And Healthy!) Holiday Recipes For The Whole Family


The holidays are my absolute favorite time of year especially when it comes to having those big family dinners all together. It inspires me to see grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers and sisters alike all gathered together and getting to eat, share stories and make memories. With that said, I’m always trying to keep the […]


Combat Cold and Flu With Essential Oils


Winter is coming up fast! And, colds, flus and other sickness won’t be far behind. It’s important to take precautions that will help protect us and our families, but it never hurts to add a little something else to aid in that protection. This season, hit those germs before they hit you! Get Some Essential […]


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I'm Anna, I blog about natural organic health

I'm Anna, I blog about natural organic health

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I'm Anna, I blog about natural organic health

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