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Essential oils have been really popular lately. And, for good reason! They have many uses, including cleaning, health and beauty reasons.

Since there is such thing as too much of a good thing, we need to be careful about the use of essential oils as well. Women in particular who are pregnant or nursing need to be cautious about the use of essential oils.

Essential Oils That Should Not Be Used While Breastfeeding

According to Dr. Melinda Fischer, an aroma therapist and a lactation consultant, peppermint oil is the number one oil on the list that should be used with extreme caution. This applies to its ingestion as well as topical application.   

Some other essential oils that should be avoided during the breastfeeding time include:







Sweet Basil

Use of Essential Oils during Nursing

New moms should be careful about the use of essential oils when they are breastfeeding the newborn in the same way they practice caution by eating the right food items when they are pregnant. While all women know that whatever they eat and drink during the nursing period is going to affect the baby, many women do not know that the same rule applies for the products you are using on your body. This is because whatever you apply on the body gets absorbed through the skin and enters into your blood. Thus, it affects you as well as the newborn.

Essential Oils to Use

There are definitely some oils that help women during the lactation phase. Essential oils such as clary sage, fennel and geranium can help in increasing the milk production. A DIY blend that many women find useful for this purpose is as follows:

Clary Sage oil: 4 drops

Fennel Oil: 2 drops

10 ml roller bottle

Add these oils in the bottle and then, fill it with fractionated coconut oil to the top and apply on the breasts.

Important: Nursing mothers are advised to always use all essential oils in diluted form because they are powerful and women’s bodies often react differently during the pregnancy and lactation phase than they normally do. Also, it is really important to consult your doctor before using any new thing because it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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