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A family is the basic structure of society that we live in. Although there are different types of family structures around the world and their values, culture, attitudes and language differ across the countries, the very basic ingredient is same among all the families around the world; that is ‘love’.

Every Family is the Same, yet Every Family is Different

As mentioned earlier, every family is built upon the shared love and care that family members have for each other. However, not every family is the same. They are as diverse as the world we live in. From types and cultures to financial status, religion and core values, families differ from each other in a variety of ways.

New Families Have Emerged

The modern day world has given birth to new types of families that were either non-existent or less prevalent in older times. Children living in such families may find it hard to understand and get comfortable with the uniqueness of their families or their differences in relation to other families around them.

Understanding and Respecting Differences

While it is easier to find out and understand the similarities between your own family and others around you, it is comparatively more difficult (particularly for children) to understand and accept the differences between families. It is important that parents teach their children (from an early age) not only to accept those who are not like them, but also to respect them. Teach them not be biased and to always look for the common features beyond the surface, cherishing them and appreciating the diversity of the world and its people.

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