Healthy Sleep for The Whole Family


Sleep is the best, right? I always love the (rare) nights where I can get a full eight hours and wake up feeling amazing! For my children, I always want to make sure they are getting plenty of rest, since sleep is vital for their health and development.

Below, I’ve included some thoughts, from experience and my own research, that I hope will help you in your family’s journey to dreamland!

Great Sleep for Children

As mentioned earlier, good sleep is critical for your child’s healthy growth. Therefore, you should start developing healthy sleeping habits in your child from an early age to avoid any serious problems developing later on. Here we have highlighted some tips that will help you in this journey:

  • Develop a bedtime routine from an early age and stick to it! Try things like taking a bath, brushing teeth and reading stories.
  • Take them to the bed at the same time every night and have them wake up at the same time every morning.
  • Remove all the distractions and keep the lights low. Also, the bedroom temperature should be moderate.

Awesome Sleep for You

An important part of developing healthy sleeping habits in your children is to have one yourself. To ensure you get a good sleep at night, make sure that:

  • You remain active during the day.
  • Avoid heavy meals at night and caffeinated products in the evening.
  • Follow your own bedtime rituals.
  • Read a book or listen to some soft music to relax.
  • Turn off the television, cell phone, radio or computer when you go to bed.

*Remember, your child sees your every action and habit and tries to follow them. So, if you want them to develop good and healthy habits, you need to adopt them first.

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    • Jo Ann. Hughes
    • March 31, 2017

    This has been veryhelpful

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I'm Anna, I blog about natural organic health

I'm Anna, I blog about natural organic health

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I'm Anna, I blog about natural organic health

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