Prescriptions and Painkillers Had Me Trapped, Until I Found This Solution


Fentanyl. Oxycodone. Vicodin. Percocet.

These are some of the words that get thrown around when I hear people talk about the Opioid and Prescription Crisis, sound familiar? I’ve seen everything from highway billboards to the Attorney General speak about the crisis at this point. Some prescription stories sound familiar…some not so much. Then again I really only knew my experience with chronic pain.

For me I knew how prescriptions affected me, how dependent I was, and how endless it all felt.

Ever since my first little boy (now I have 3 😊) I experienced severe back problems. He was adorable, but oh my was he clingy! I couldn’t put him down more than a few seconds before he started wailing and wanting back into my arms.

It was a recipe for disaster when it came to my back, and I still feel the aches and pains from those first few years to this day!

Like any mom I still had groceries to get, errands to run, and to keep down the sanity of my home (all with a smile, right?!), but I did it all with pain. Chronic pain became a constant. I felt like I had a drawer full of pills, and to get through my days I took them like Tic-Tacs. I hated that feeling- waking up early but barely having the energy to move my achy body out of bed. Hearing my kids run around and using all the energy I had to keep up with them, sometimes the pain was so vivid it nearly made me sick to my stomach. Over the years taking all these pharmaceuticals was like drinking coffee – it was just my routine, but I needed more to get more.

That was the most frustrating part – while it masked the pain, I needed MORE pills. Using prescriptions just seemed like this endless cycle, where my body needed more and more to get the same effect. I tried taking less pills, sort of weaning myself off of the chemical crutch for awhile – but those days of “weaning” were too painful to get through without my normal dose. Basically, I felt trapped. Trapped as a mom who needed to be at full-strength, but rarely was, and trapped because the same prescriptions that helped reduce my pain were keeping me stuck in this cycle of dependence.

I’m certainly not alone in my experiences. I’m sure it’s not news to you that we live in a prescription-happy society – if you feel this way take this pill, that way take another.

But over the the past 25 years or so, doctors have steadily increased their given prescriptions from 112 million in ‘92 to an astonishing 282 million in ‘12. For perspective everyone…. there were 314 million Americans in 2012! Prescriptions were being given out like those free Costco samples!

For me it all came to a head a few months ago. I was in another one of my white-knuckling, weaning phases and I’d been doing pretty darn good. To that point I had been muscling through the occasional morning headache and muscle burn, avoiding randomly exposing my body to processed pharmaceuticals. But that morning I had a choice to make … resort to popping a few chemical painkillers or waste the next few hours quivering on the couch.

Neither option seemed very attractive.

I had just dragged myself off the couch, when I saw on the kitchen counter the essential roll-on kit that my friend Alexis had left behind after her weekend visit. She really is my inspiration for my all-natural kick. I do feel slightly bad that she probably does months of research on clean living and all I have to do is simply sit on the couch soaking in all that wisdom, but then again, she doesn’t have 3 boys who have a daily ritual of dismantling her entire house. I didn’t know it yet, but for me, her Pain Blend essential oil roll-on was about to turn my whole week around. She must have ‘forgotten’ it there probably didn’t want to be that overly pushy natural remedies friend but now in hindsight she could have actually just handed it to me and said, “I already know that this stuff is awesome so ‘You’re Welcome’.”

Immunity Blend

Who knew that a few drops of oil could change a family’s life so quickly?

I’ve used an essential oil a few times, and I really liked them for the sweet and natural scent they add to our home. I found out later that these scents comes from plants, seeds, and leaves rather than from chemical sources. But I’m not too into the multi-level marketing thing, and I hadn’t really thought of using them for my health.

But I really needed something to help with the pain

To make sure I wasn’t cheating on my promise to be more natural this year, I did a bit of homework on Pain Blend. This roll-on blend is a pure concentrated combination of Wintergreen, Copaiba, Clove, and Frankincense in fractionated coconut oil. So it’s naturally strong and completely chemical free. Even better, they have a reputation for selling really high-quality products. If Pain Blend works, I told myself, it could be just the thing for my everyday aches without having to resort to a chemical crutch.

So I tried it. I have to admit, this roll-on is awesome. The first thing I noticed was the amazing scent … it has a deep and warm sweetness that doesn’t burn your sinuses like a typical pain rub. It is slightly minty, with a kind of gentle woody base that is super grounding and relaxing. As I was breathing it in, even before I put it on my skin, I noticed the pressure in my head start to fade. I rubbed some across my lower back and into those really tight muscles on the back of my neck. A kind of gentle warmth penetrated everywhere I put it, and everything felt kind of limber and relaxed. In less than twenty minutes I was feeling great — the pain was literally gone. My headache had evaporated, my lower back was decidedly happier, and I’d totally forgotten about the hours of yelling from the Boy Scouts. I was off the couch and dressed, ready to tackle my day.

Being the attentive partner that I am, I went back upstairs to see what I could do for my poor husband. We massaged some of the blend into his sore joints and muscles (I didn’t mention anything about essential oils to my usually skeptical husband 😉 ), and after a few minutes even he was up and moving! It is just a bonus that the roll-on is really easy to use on your skin, since you don’t have to dilute it before you use it. My husband actually insisted on taking the roll-on with him so that he could use it while at work. I guess it kept working, because he came straight home at the end of the day and insisted that we get some to keep for ourselves — I was amazed that he had even gotten himself upright to begin with, so I totally agreed.

Alexis…you’re good. Right again.

I knew what I had to do!

So my one task for Wednesday morning was to get my family two Pain Blend roll-ons — one for me, and one for my husband to keep for himself. It’s the perfect boost for someone like me, who doesn’t want to rely on manufactured chemicals, but still needs some natural help to get her through certain never-ending days or just bad nights of sleep. How is it that kids can sleep right on the floor in a sleeping bag and never wake up with a locked-up back? I guess it’s true that youth is wasted on the young.

I am honestly not sure why everyone doesn’t already know about Pain Blend, it seems like such a no-brainer. If you can get pain relief from high-quality natural sources, instead of a pill, why isn’t everyone doing it? I guess we’ve become so used to turning to pills when we are hurting that we’ve forgotten about the power of natural products like essential oils. Unless I’d pushed myself to live more naturally, I probably wouldn’t have found it either. But now that I know, I’m not going back, and I’m determined to let other people know that they have an option besides chemicals for your pain.

Essential oils are concentrated extracts from plants and are packed with antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals. These all occur in a natural state that work with your body to give it what it needs. A single drop of essential oil has the ultra-concentrated punch to boost your health and cut pain. Thanks to Pain Blend, I am feeling great and I am still 100% committed to living a more natural life, and that feels even better.

Roll on

But don’t think that you can just buy any old essential oil brand and have it work like this. Some companies … especially the discount stuff you see on store shelves don’t actually have pure essential oils! They make a product that smells good using (drum roll) CHEMICALS, so that they can cut costs and pocket more profit! Cheaters. But the worst part is that people buy this stuff expecting it to work like pure essential oil, and when it doesn’t, they give up on natural products entirely. But products from the are the real deal. They call it their 100% PURE Promise. Every batch of oil they get from around the world has to pass strict GC/MS testing. It is probably one of the highest quality blends you can buy.

So, obviously I’m sold on Pain Blend. I recommend that your pick up a roll-on, give it a try, and “tell me what you think.” And like my good friend Alexis says, without saying anything, “You’re Welcome”😉.  Keep it handy for your next tough Tuesday morning. Here’s a link to their limited time promotion where you can just pay shipping and handling of $6.95 and try the pain blend and their easy to use roll-on completely risk free.

Immunity Blend Essential Oil Pain Blend

UPDATE: ~ MUST HAVE PRODUCT! I highly recommend purchasing the Deep Relief Silver Rub that they offer after you order the pain relief kit. If you have tried DoTerra’s Deep Blue Rub, you will absolutely love this product. It has zero chemicals and it is the best thing I have found for sore muscle and joint pain. There is no other product like it that I have found. It is not only a soothing, deep-penetrating muscle relief cream, but it has a patented colloidal nano silver technology that makes it a must have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, AND anti-viral cream that I cannot get enough of.

From what I understand, there is still some more Deep Relief Silver Rub available. Here’s how to get it: After you order your trial of pain relief kit they will give you the option to add this product to your order. If you decide to get it, you won’t be sorry you did! My family uses it almost daily.

Back to the pain kit…I think it’s odd that they’re offering a trial of , because I don’t think they need to. You can try the trial kit if you’d like, but I would recommend you get the full-bottle package. Basically you get the Pain Relief Kit and after you buy it you will see some really awesome oil blends that really improve ways you can relieve pain for you and your family that you can add to your order for cheap. It is a much better price than the one she told me they would begin with. (I think they start at $60 for a one-month supply.)

So take advantage of either the trial kit, or the full-kit package for $30.



Thanks to , I have my family back! 🙂 🙂 🙂




P.S. Just to be clear, this is a retail company. It isn’t a network marketing company, or an MLM, or anything like that. You don’t have to become a distributor, or pay a membership fee. They just make a great product and sell it. It will even be on soon!

P.P.S. Essential oils are powerful and highly concentrated. Therefore, be sure to reduce the amount you use on kids under 12. And don’t use it on kids 6 and under unless you’ve talked with your doctor.

UPDATE: OK, someone from read this article and sent me an email to clarify a few things. He wanted to make it clear that the trial bottle is only temporary until they get a larger base of happy customers and more positive testimonials about . He also said the three-bottle package is only available at that website, and not anywhere else. Also, it is formulated in a GMP certified facility using 100% natural ingredients. I hope that clarifies any questions you have. Better get them at these prices while you can!

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