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The Best Carrier Oils for Diluting Essential Oils


Essential oils are one of the nature’s best creations for our general well-being. The benefits of essential oils are far and wide and one of the best go-to solutions for mothers who are faced with a different dilemma every day. However, essential oils are strong in their properties and they cannot be applied topically without […]


Tea Tree Oil & Its Uses


Tea Tree Oil comes from the Melaleuca tree, which is a plant native to Australia. It contains antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, making it a great tool in combating several diseases caused by viruses, fungi and bacteria. This oil is especially helpful when it comes to your children 🙂 Bad Breath Tea tree Oil is antiseptic […]


Tips For Maximum Benefit When Drinking Water


What better healer is there than water? Some might even say that it is one of the best medicines that nature has given us. As is known, health is much more dependent on our habits than on medicine, so why not pick up some of the best water drinking habits and pass it on to […]


4 Effective Natural Remedies to Keep Cold Sores Away


Being better than any medicine and free from side effects, natural remedies have been mothers’ collective go-to solution for cold sores since the beginning.  The interesting thing is that they work much faster and not only drive the cold sores away, but also instantly soothe all kinds of irritations and embarrassment that comes with the […]


Family Hair Care, Naturally!


Mommies have so many things to do! I’m not complaining, as a matter of fact, I really enjoy having all those responsibilities. It can be a little stressful, but when I see those darling little faces, Man! It’s all worth it! One of our responsibilities is taking care of our children’s hair, as well as […]


Natural Ways to Keep Common Household Spiders Out


Being a mom, you can expect to be called to the kids room for the most trivial and not-so-trivial issues. Regardless of how long you have had the title of a parent, you can never prepare yourself for the different sights that could be waiting for you. You can either enter to a scene of […]


Things To Consider When Applying Immunity Blend To Children


Essential oils are a fairly new field, and many people (including myself) have a lot of questions on the best, safest ways to use these oils to benefit our health, especially when it comes to our children. For myself, I use the roll-on bottle regularly, but I wasn’t sure for my children how to use […]


5 Healthy Herbs You Can Find In Your Own Backyard!


I have always had a green thumb. I love gardens so much that I even made my husband promise we’d have one by making sure it was in his wedding vows, and he did! Thankfully, my kids also inherited some of my gardening genes. They are as crazy as I am about gardening, making it […]


Natural Ways to Help Children With Croup


Many parents my consider this to be their worst nightmare! It’s bad enough to see your child sick, but when they get that hacking cough, it’s terrifying. Children 8 and under, with underdeveloped immune systems, have a particular vulnerability. As a parent, it can be hard to stay prepared and note any symptoms of a […]


Teaching Kids to Love Nature


The days of playgrounds, family walks, exploring outside, going to the park and pick up sports are giving way to children playing indoors. And, by playing, I of course mean staring at a screen. Now, I realize it’s a lot easier, it really is! Handing your child a phone or tablet is way easier than […]


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I'm Anna, I blog about natural organic health

I'm Anna, I blog about natural organic health

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I'm Anna, I blog about natural organic health

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