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Mommies have so many things to do! I’m not complaining, as a matter of fact, I really enjoy having all those responsibilities. It can be a little stressful, but when I see those darling little faces, Man! It’s all worth it!

One of our responsibilities is taking care of our children’s hair, as well as our own! And, who wants to use chemical-infused shampoos and conditioners? They are probably not the best choice for children. For that reason, many mothers lean towards natural hair care formulas to provide only the best care to their child. For those who are wondering what these natural hair care techniques could be, here are a few.

  • Hair has this uncanny habit of getting tangled, and humans have this uncanny habit of running out of patience. The two do not make the best pair. In the rush to get the hair untangled, we usually end up running the hairbrush through our hair rather violently. Hairdressers are not that kind to the hair either with all their tugging and poking. The point is, treat your hair gently and with care.
  • The hair salon calls it protein treatments and we call it egg treatments. We assure you that the latter one is infused with more protein than any man-made products have ever seen. Just apply egg mixture on clean hair, leave for few minutes, and rinse with cold water. Voila, you’ve got soft and moisturized hair at the ready.
  • For dry hair, the best antidote is organic sesame or olive oil. Apply, leave, and rinse and you’ll never suffer from a dry hair day for the rest of your life, that is if you keep using the technique frequently.
  • Before using natural products, you’ll have to get rid of the ones made from chemicals. Stay clear of all such sorts of hair styling treatments, even if it is a special occasion, such as a Christmas get together, wedding or a dance recital. While these hairstyles look great at that moment, they only spoil the hair later on and hinder their growth.
  • Eat healthy, stay healthy and enjoy healthy hair. The cure to dry and brittle hair is an organic, healthy and natural diet.
  • You think you cannot survive without conditioning? Then use a natural one. One tablespoon of lemon juice or a mixture of vinegar and water will not only condition your hair, but will also leave them shinier and better looking.

Use these natural hair care remedies and never have a bad hair day in your life again!

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I'm Anna, I blog about natural organic health

I'm Anna, I blog about natural organic health

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I'm Anna, I blog about natural organic health

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