How to Travel on a Budget


It is a sad reality of our lives that very few of us can actually do what we love, with traveling being on top of that list. While everyone has different reasons for not being able to fulfill their family dreams, when it comes to traveling, the thing that holds them back in a majority of the cases is ‘Money’.

If someone tells you that “You don’t need to be rich to travel,” a majority of the people will laugh it off, especially if you have large family. But, this is not coming from a layman; rather from the New York Times’ best-selling author, blogger, and a travel expert named “Nomadic Matt.”

This will surely make you search for ways to travel without spending a pretty penny. But, you do not need to because I’ve done the work for you!

Here are some ways to travel on a budget. I hope it helps you enjoy and live your dreams with your family!


  • Go In Off Seasons


Opt to travel in the off-season. Rates for everything tend to increase during the holiday and festive seasons in countries where the tourism industry is huge. Rather than choosing to travel on Christmas, New Year’s, Thanksgiving or on other such occasions, choose to visit such countries in the off-season.


  • Watch for Cheap Flights


There are many websites that allow you to compare rates of different airlines so that you can opt for the one offering the lowest rates. Search these websites and find out which airline is offering the lowest rates to the country you want to travel to.


  • Travel In Economy Class


While travelling in business and first class is surely a luxury that we all want to experience, this is something that can save you a lot of money when you are on a budget. Therefore, opt for travelling in economy class because the plane will take you to the same destination, no matter which class you are travelling in.


  • Save On Accommodations


The best way to save on accommodation is to stay in hostels and spend the money that you save here on exploring the place. It can be a fun new experience, an adventure!

Now, go and see the world!

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