Public School Or Home School?


Every few days, I find myself having this discussion with some other mom in the park and wonder, “How can a parent really know that the decision they have made, either sending their kids to public school or homeschooling them, is the right one?” How can we be certain that choosing one in favor of the other wouldn’t impact their kid’s future in the long run? I think a comparison is definitely in order, since we as parents have a responsibility to our children to help them learn. The only way to tell if the right choice has been made is by comparing the pros and cons of each schooling system.

Home School

The Cons:

  1. Possible Social isolation
  2. More work on the part of the parents

The Pros:

  1. Better quality of education
  2. Cost-effective
  3. Individual attention
  4. Limits bad influences
  5. No travel time
  6. A tailored learning experience
  7. Family togetherness
  8. Secure environment

Public School

The Cons:

  1. Less time together with the kids
  2. Inability to keep an eye on them
  3. More paperwork
  4. Cookie cutter education (no conforming to child’s personal needs)

The Pros:

  1. Socially active kids
  2. Scheduled hours of study
  3. Proper structure

Surprisingly, recent statistics have shown that homeschooled kids are blowing everyone out of the water with their knowledge of concepts, in-depth problem-solving skills and mastery at extra-curricular activities, challenging the status quo. Maybe one reason for it is the decline in the quality of education provided at public schools.

I personally believe that homeschooling is a much better option for both, kids and parents. It offers more benefits to kids as well as a peace of mind to parents. All that is needed is a devoted parent who is available for consultation when needed. All those moms and dads who can make it work, homeschooling promises to reap better results for them.

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