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Tis the season for long road trips packed in the car like sardines between presents, bundles of coats and some antsy children. While I love the holidays, it is not easy to haul the kids on road trips with the whole family. I know that all of you moms and dads out there can relate. Even if it’s a plane ride, traveling with kids is definitely a challenging task and you’ve got to bring your A-Game!

I’ve come up with a list of my favorite go-to pointers for how to travel with kids especially during the holiday season.

Pack, Pack & Pack Some More
I always lay out the kid’s suitcases next to my husband and mine in our bedroom about a week before a trip. Why so soon you may ask? Because once it goes into the suitcase, it’s not coming back out until we’re home. Every year someone forgets something that they can’t live without, so we start packing early and make a rule, once it’s in, it can’t come out.

Healthy Snacks That Don’t Spill
Having cereal, popcorn and chips engrained in the car along with mud and snow is not always ideal, but what’s worse than that? Well, a kid who has been cramped in the car for too long and has spilled their last snack all over the car. Talk about a meltdown. Instead I use Tupperware filled with healthy snacks and always use cups with lids and straws to avoid the dreaded fit.

Pack a Blanket
I did it with my brother when I was a kid and it’s just the way things go when you have siblings, but it’s all about the ‘who is on who’s side of the car.’ I stop this potential battle in its tracks by always stacking several blankets between the kids so they have no room to start that little game.

Give Them A Mission
While you can always throw an iPad or movie on in front of the kids, why not try to spend some time with them while you’re in the car. The kids and I have played everything from the ‘I Spy’ game to giving each of them a mission to write down as many different license plate states as possible. As long as know one gets car sick, then go for it and teach your kids what it was like for you as a child to go on road trips.

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