Shutdown Averted, But How Did it Affect Your Family & this Deadly Flu Season?



It happened. At Midnight, on January 20, 2018, our federal government shutdown because they couldn’t agree on funding. 4 weeks later? Washington finally did what all husband’s must do…compromise! With a lot of dollars moved around, the shutdown is over – but it begs the question, what did the month of shutdown mean? It affected every three letter organization you can think of that keeps us healthy. Especially the ones that help with the prevention and treatment of this deadly flu season.

Half of the Department of Health and Human Services’ staff were off work because of the shutdown, and that includes people at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (40,000 of them to be exact). And if you can barely believe that, it actually gets worse. The researchers at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) looking for disease cures and the inspectors at the FDA who oversee pharmaceutical and food safety were unable to show up to work, let alone check their emails.

I’m not one for politics but when it affects my family and personal health, you bet I give a “you-know-what.” Soooo what did the shutdown mean for your family, for your babies, and your health? If you’re anything like me I can imagine all the confusion has made you exasperated, and you just want answers, so here it is:

 1. The Shutdown meant all info about the deadly flu was SLOW

If it isn’t clear by now, this flu season is deadly. This shutdown made the CDC’s ability to communicate their findings significantly slower. Even their official Twitter account was suspended!  This means if you weren’t using my suggestions for immunity prevention, your family could have been put at an unnecessary risk.

 2. New flu prevention methods weren’t tested

Guess what? This shutdown affected any and all new treatments of the flu at the National Institute of Health. At the NIH they see patients AND they do research on prevention and treatment, but through the shutdown they couldn’t see new patients. If we look back to 2013, during the last shutdown, the NIH turned away hundreds of patients (mostly kids) who would have benefited from their help and treatments (and maybe even saved).  Now if you know anything about me, I still believe that mother nature has provided everything your family needs to boost a healthy immune system, but I’ll share more about that later.

 3. Food inspection was paused

The last government shutdown, guess what those at the FDA had to do? Turn in their building badges and not look at their work emails until a new budget was passed. A few people were kept on to oversee the inspection of things like meat, poultry and eggs, but the FDA limped along until Washington big shots got their act together. The plan in place for this shutdown saw this entire government organization decrease by nearly 50% for the 4 weeks.  While food is a natural source of bacteria and potential disease, I can assure you that there is a tried and tested home cleaner that can protect your home from any bacteria that slipped into our food supply during this government shut down.

While this shutdown didn’t lead to Armageddon, it felt dangerously close. Ultimately it meant that the government was unable to carry out its most important health responsibilities at a time when everyone’s health is so delicate. At moments like this I realize that so much of my family’s safety and health falls on me and what I can give.

For me I cringe thinking of when my family gets its first running nose because I know it could be the beginning of ‘flu season’. And what does that mean? That means coughing, sneezing, restless nights, missed school…the list goes on.

This year, I got lucky though.

Months before this government shutdown day I had a house full of kids coughing, sneezing and dripping (with who knows what) while my husband was tied up at work. I could feel myself starting to get some aches and I knew I had to spring into action quickly. I’ve had a neighborhood friend who I could always depend on for help, so I asked her to keep an eye on my kids while I ran down to the pharmacy for an armful of medicine. She was happy to help as usual and said she’d have a surprise for me when I returned. I thanked her and hurried off.

When I returned she reminded me that she had been using essential oils for years as home remedies for just about everything. She’d been so nice to help out I felt obligated to listen, so I nodded nicely. In the back of my mind, I told myself that that sounded nice, but I had grown up in a home where my parents had just rushed us to a family doctor if someone at home started to get sick. I mean, I do believe that there are real alternative medicines out there, but for some reason I had thought essential oils were more for making your house smell good and refreshing, not for any real medicinal purpose.

She handed me this small bottle and said, “You’re going to love this”..

She told me to rub a few drops on my feet or chest. I’m sure the look on my face wasn’t very convincing but I thanked her for the bottle and her time before she left.

(I almost forgot to mention that she instructed me to use just a little at first because some are more sensitive to this powerful oil)


I felt like I had a bottle of magic and I quickly gathered my children and did the same for them. It worked for them too!! As soon as my husband returned home for work (and before he could raise his usual objections) I applied the oil to him as well. I just couldn’t believe it. Within days, our house was restored to its usual order 😉 It was free of aches, sneezing, coughing, and complaining children (well maybe just complaints about being sick)

It wasn’t until a few weeks later that what I had stumbled onto really started to sink in. I’d woken up with a sore throat one morning and didn’t think too much of it since I was preoccupied going through my mental checklist of things I must do to get kids off to school. I was about to brush my teeth when I saw that little bottle from my neighbor next to my sink. I quickly used this little bottle and by the time everyone was out the door, I felt unbelievably new. Normally that sore throat would have turned into the usual aches, fever, horrible sleep, etc…but not this time!

Immunity Blend

Who knew something so little could do so much?


I don’t play close attention to all the news about our national healthcare crisis, but I am very aware, as a mother, about the cost of doctor visits and medicine. Clearly the cost of medicine has gone insanely high and I can’t stand the thought of having ‘pharma’ companies getting disgustingly rich off our countries family’s dependencies on pills. I guess that’s probably why my face scrunched up a little when my neighbor handed me a bottle of oil. We’re all just so ready to take a pill to make us feel better. I also think my face showed plenty of disbelief because I had always thought that essential oils were there to make your house smell great. I had no idea that it could have medicinal or therapeutic qualities.

I did a bit of searching about essential oils (probably because I had more time now that my family wasn’t sick all the time) and found out that plenty of other countries use essential oils for medicinal purposes. For example, in Japan essential oils are used regularly and you’d probably be shocked to find out that Japan has nearly 50,000 people currently living over the age of 100. That’s almost as much as the US but they’re one-third our size. Seems like they’ve got something in healthcare figured out!

So here is what makes essential oils so special. Essential oils are the highly concentrated essence of plants. Plants are earth’s readily available source of antioxidants, antimicrobial, vitamins & minerals, phytonutrients and much much more. Scientists have become experts at generating super concentrated, highly potent, powerhouse drops of oil.


The tiny but highly potent bottle is called Blend. It contains pure extracts of clove, cinnamon, lemon, lime, eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint, spearmint and oregano. According to them, this product has been formulated specifically to boost your body’s natural immunity as well as eradicate germs, viruses and other toxins in the home.

After doing a bit of research, I found out that they are just a small group of people who are extremely passionate about the powers of essential oils. They were frustrated by the poorly crafted oils of competitors and decided to make a name for themselves in the industry. Apparently many essential oil competitors just don’t have the same strict adherence to product purity. You’d be shocked to find out how many oils out there contain remnant solvents, contaminants and impurities.

This company is so dedicated to product purity that they created an internal grading system for oil quality. It’s call the 100% PURE Promise. They’re now even backing that PURE Promise up with 3rd party testing and making sure their oil passes a very strict GC/MS test. This product has literally changed my family’s life as well as change how I look at medicine. From what I understand, they plan to roll out many more essential oils but the overnight success of their immunity blend has them 100% focused on making sure product goes out the door completely pure.

Roll on

I think one of the neatest things that they’re doing is offering an Immunity Blend kit where you can get both the concentrated little bottle, but they actually send out a pre-diluted roll-on bottle that makes it super simple to apply this amazing oil to your kids.

This product is very popular so I recommend you pick up the Immunity Blend Kit RIGHT NOW, while it’s still available.
Immune Essential Oil Blend


I’ve been told that they’re offering a trial of the Immunity Kit for a limited time. Now, it seems silly to me since I’ve already seen the effects of this super powerful oil. But I guess they just want to spread the word by offering a risk free way to see for yourself if this oil can really work for you and your family. After you purchase the Immunity Kit, you’re going to see a 100% pure coconut oil that you should use to dilute the concentrated immunity blend product. The price they’re offering for such a quality coconut oil is super cheap.

I can’t wait for your questions and feedback!


Pure blend

Thanks to , I have my family back! ? ? ?




P.S. I think I should mention this because when I did my research of essential oil companies I found a ton of MLM’s out there. This is a retail company only. No distributors or membership fees needed. They just want to sell direct to their customers.

P.P.S. Some of the oils in the immunity blend are highly concentrated so make sure you follow their instructions for diluting the Immunity Blend for kids under 12. If you’ve got children under 6, you should ask a doctor first.

UPDATE: OK, someone from read this article and sent me an email to clarify a few things. He wanted to make it clear that the trial bottle is only temporary until they get a larger base of happy customers and more positive testimonials about . He also said the three-bottle package is only available at that website, and not anywhere else. Also, it is formulated in a GMP certified facility using 100% natural ingredients. I hope that clarifies any questions you have. Better get them at these prices while you can!

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    • Hayley
    • February 16, 2018

    Is there any possibility of cross contamination with legumes, seeds like sesame, peas,nuts, peanuts, honey
    These are my allergens

      • Anna Collins
      • February 23, 2018

      Hi Hayley, the way the oils are processed there is no possibility of cross contamination.

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